Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.” ~James Allen!

For my wife and I, It is a passion a "DREAM" and a way to retire and see the eastern seaboard of the United States and beyond. We want to spend 3 to 5 years in the Caribbean Sea. We want to start by sailing south and exploring the BVI. Some of the places we want to see include but are not limited to;

Tortola,St John, Jost van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Normand IslandPeter island.

Then southward to;
 St. Croix
 St. Maarten
 St. Thomas
 Trinidad and Tobago
Some of the other one would include;

Ambergris Caye, Belize, Anguilla, Barbados, Bonaire, Cozumel, Curacao, Dominica, Eleuthera, Great Abaco, Grenada, Jamaica Nevis, Providenciales or "Provo" — the jewel of the Turks & Caicos Puerto Rico, St. John St. Kitts St. Lucia's St. Maarten/St. Martin Tobago, Tortola,

Then once we are confident and have the correct size boat for the trips, my Bucket list would include voyages to;

BALI  (Indonesia)
BORA BORA  (French Polynesia)
MAUI  (Hawaii)
TAHITI  (French Polynesia)

I have a few years of working before we can “cast of the lines” But with all great adventures, someone had a dream and acted on it. for one I know that "Debt Free Equals Freedom"
Some of the points I have to consider will be how much it will cost to un-tie the lines the first year.
  • will we cook, or eat at restaurants ?
  • will we anchor out, or tie to the dock ?
  • will we sail, or run the diesel ?
  • will we entertain yourself, or go ashore for your entertainment ?
  • will we get along without air conditioning, or require it ?
  • will we get along with refrigeration, or require it ?
  • will we get your fresh water from shore, or make it on the boat ?
  • will we cook with free fuel such as wood, or purchase cooking fuel ?
  • will we catch fish and other seafood, or buy all of your food ?
  • will we get along without high speed Internet, or can't live without it ?
  • will we have a small boat, or a big one ?
  • will we live on a boat that requires little maintenance, or a lot ?
  • will we maintain your own boat, or pay someone to do it for you ?
  • will we sail in inexpensive areas, or pricey areas ?
  • Do you store supplies, or buy what is convenient ?
  • will we use blankets as it starts to get cold, or require heating fuel ?
  • will we live with limited solar power, or often run a generator ?
  • Etc ...

“Everyone dreams of escaping to paradise. For some it is sailing off to the South Sea islands with swaying palms and white sand beaches. For others it is bicycling across Europe, or taking a trip around the world. We want our ideal two week vacation to last forever. We wish it could be our basic lifestyle. The fact is, it can be if we really want it. The difference between wishing and living it, is taking action to bust through barriers to make a desired lifestyle happen”.
Robert L. Webb
Goose Creek, South Carolina”

I found Robert Webb’s web site quite by accident. It was while researching freedom and how get there from here. Robert has some great insight and some very impressive adventures that he accomplished back in the 1970’s. Robert is a great inspiration to me and my dreams and I go to his page on the net quite often for a boost of courage every now and again.
I hope the spring of 2014 will allow for a BVI vacation charter for Deb, and our good friends Chris and Michelle.   want to do the BVI 7 day charter. And do some Scuba diving so we can take advantage of our new certifications completed this summer. We think we will rent at SUNSAIL in Tortola, Depart Road Town, Tortola for The Bight, Norman Island, then, we depart the Bight, Norman Island for the Indians. Depart the Indians for Cooper Island, Salt Island, the well-known location of the Wreck of the RMS Rhone for our first dive. Then back over to Trellis Bay on Beef Island to spend the night. Then Depart Trellis Bay for The Baths – 6 nautical miles. Then Depart The Baths for Gorda Sound – 6 to 7  nautical miles.
Sounds like a hoot. We will keep ya posted. If we pull it off it will be great experience and a great adventure. We hope to have pictures in the coming months of the trip. I this will be a great vacation a dream come for me and a major item in my bucket list checked off.

Till next post Cheers.


  1. Hi there! I've landed here after waching to you movies on Youtube.
    I wish you a very nice trip, and the sun and salty wind to be with you for your next trip! Take the most of it!
    Good luck from France for your sweet dreams!
    We may cross each other when you'll be sailing the Mediterranean sea!
    My dream is to sail the world, taking my time, staying maybe a few months or more in some perfect place, and then moving to,the next paradise.
    I've bought my second sailboat last November, wich is a Jeanneau Aquila named 'Mangareva II', and it is now my home. I should be sailling around the Mediterranean sea next summer until September or October. It will be my first big sailling trip so far, and a perfect way to learn and practice before sailing the world, one day!
    Happy new year, I wish you for 2014 to move toward your dream, always a bit closer, and a great trip for your next holydays!
    P.s. Sorry if I made too many mistakes, I need to study more English!
    See you around the seas!

    1. I would love to hear updates. Do you plan to Blog about your trips? It would be good to here where you are and where you’re heading next. Good luck in your adventure. Life is better when you live deliberately. God Speed.

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